Friday, 24 August 2007

The Rennovation

Well it has been 6 months since I worked on my site due to other projects in hand.......the old one started to look really bad so finally I decided to dedicate some time to change it.......Again due to time constraints I was only able to give a weeks time to make this new site which I did completely from scratch.......

One thing is there, making this site was a piece of cake as my other project was on web based applications itself so I had learnt a lot of web based technologies in the past 6 months which helped me make this site in no time.......This site depends a lot on javascripting and CSS as you must have already seen.......And this time I was able to also put Videos on my site thanks to Google's YouTube just makes posting your favourite videos online so easy, its just a matter of few clicks and a few copy-pastes........

Also in my site if you see the title bar on top has rounded corners........Some who know about web designing may think its an image on the two ends of the title bar, but mine here is completely based on CSS rather than depending on images, and as a proof try loading my site with images blocked from your browser options....... you'll still be able to see the rounded corners.......It was a CSS style written by Alessndro Fulciniti and its called NiftyCorners....... Visit the link for more detailed explanation on how it is done......

Anyone who wants to learn what I've done here and more....... I would suggest you read this beautiful book by Jason Cranford Teague called Visual Quickstart Guide CSS, DHTML and AJAX 4th Edition........ Its a wonderful book for starters, trust me on this and I have linked it too......... so just download it for free.........

One last thing I would like to talk about is a site - is a very useful site where one can upload any files upto 750 mb in size and gives every user 25 gb of space to store files and all this for free........ this is where I have uploaded my videos so that anyone can download it from anywhere....... it can also be used to store any important files you have to be stored securly which then can be accessed from thats cool!!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

GPRS on Linux

Well I will be discussing in this post about how to Connect GPRS on Linu (Fedora Core 6).....Its actually very easy to do this.....i did it on my Nokia N70 using USB data cable and its working perfectly fine.....

- First open up System->Administration->Network on your system
- Then click on Hardware and add New
- In The Hardware Type choose Modem and click Next
- In Modem Device type /dev/ttyACM0
- Choose Baud Rate as 460800
- Choose flow Of Control as Hardware(CRTSCTS) and click OK
- Then go to Device and click on new here too
- Choose Modem Connection from the list and click Forward
- Type in Phone No as *99#
- Give any suitable name in the Providers Name
- Give both Username and Password as "user" even if you think it is not needed
- Once the Device is included in the list Select it and click on Edit
- In the Modem Initialization String enter The Init String......If you dont have it call your customer care and they'll tell you what it is

THATS IT!! now click on your connection from the Device list and Activate and you are done.....